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Loop type feeders equipped with precision straightener and high performance feeder group developed for being used at progressive tools and simple blanking operations. It’s possible to work with all kind of materials including the high strength ones with the different rolls diameter and straightener group design.


Compact Feeders can be prefered for narrow spaces with their strong and efficent structure.

Loop Type Feeders General Specifications

- Coil Thickness Capacity Between 0,4mm ~ 12mm

- Coil Width Capacity Between 20mm ~ 2000mm

- Line Speed up to 60m/min

- Precise Sheet Positioning Inside Die with Hand Wheel

- ±0,05mm Coil Feeding Accuracy with External Encoder Control

- Contactless Sheet Introduction from decoiler to straightener

Coil Loading Cart

The coil which is left on the loading car with forklift or crane is fast and safely attached to the drum with controller. The coil loading car moves in Z axis with hydraulic piston and in Y axis with ac motor drive. There are guide arms to prevent the loaded coil from falling over during the movement of the car.

Servo Motorized Lateral Coil Guides

Loading the coils on the drum as centered, operated by servo motorized lateral coil guides. When the operator inputs the sheet width on the operator panel, these side guides expand laterally from the center of the drum until the entered sheet width. By the way it prevenets the off center aligning of coil. Coil loading duration becomes faster and safer.

Servo Motorized Guides

The guides at the inlet and outlet side of the straightener
and feeder group being adjusted by servo motors. When the operator enters the sheet width to the control panel, these guides moves laterally from the center and goes to reference point. This provides that the sheet reaches to die as centered into the straightener and feeder group. Servo motors allow to make this adjustment being completed in an accurate and very quick way.

Servo Motorized Straightener Adjustment

Straightener top rolls group adjustment has been done by servo motors from inlet and outlet side. This control allows to make flattnes adjustment more precisely. Position adjustment being made automatically which has been entered to control panel. Positions of the rolls can be monitored from control panel.

Support Rolls

Rollers on straightener and feeder groups are supported from bottom and top with support rolls. This allows to keep rolls bending at minimum level. Decreasing the rolls bending provides high straightening quality.

Coiltech Loop Tip Sürücüler Kompakt Sürücüler Blank Hatları Loop type feeders Loop Tip Sürücü Blanking Lines

Position Controlled Height Adjustment

Feeder group height adjustment made automatically by a motorized system. When the sheet passage height from the bolster entered to the control panel, the feeder ascend or descend to entered height automatically.

External Encoder Control

With the external encoder, feeded sheet length controled
another time. Feeding rolls measurement and encoder wheel
measurement controlled instantly during the feeding
operation. Possible slipping of the sheet durning the feeding
operation tolerated instantly.

Hydraulic Guillotine

Guillotine Shear, cuts sheet metal between feeder and die in
case of operation stop for any reason. Additionally, there are high speed and blade gap adjustment versions to make cut to length operations for transfer systems.