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Hydraculic decoilers are the decoiler group which drum expansion is being made semi-automatically by a hydraulic system. They can be shaped with different width, coil inside-outside diameter and drive types depending on user needs. Pneumatic and hydraulic hold up and hold down arms can be added depending on coil referance. Coil loading car can be given as an option. In addition to manually adjusted lateral guides, servo motorized lateral guides option can also be applied.


Double Drum Decoiler option can be preferred in order to prevent time losses during setup.


Mechanical Decoilers are also available for lower tonnage coils.

Hyudraulic Decoiler General Specifications

- Semi-Automatic Drum Expansion

- Motor Driven and Braked Drum Rotation Options

- Manual or Servo Motorized Lateral Guides

- Pneumatic or Hydraulic Hold up/Hold down Arms

- Loop Control by Laser Sensor

- Coil Width Capacity Between 400mm ~ 2000mm

- Coil Loading Capacity Between 3 Ton ~ 25 Ton

Hydraulic Decoiler Drum Expansion

Drum expansion is being made semi-automatically by a hydraulic system.

Coil Loading Cart

The coil which is left on the loading car with forklift or crane is fast and safely attached to the drum with controller. The coil loading car moves in Z axis with hydraulic piston and in Y axis with ac motor drive. There are guide arms to prevent the loaded coil from falling over during the movement of the car.

Servo Motorized Lateral Coil Guides

Loading the coils on the drum as centered, operated by servo motorized lateral coil guides. When the operator inputs the sheet width on the operator panel, these side guides expand laterally from the center of the drum until the entered sheet width. By the way it prevenets the off center aligning of coil. Coil loading duration becomes faster and safer.